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Some administrative procedures are now available online:
  • Lost unlock key. If you need your unlock key sent to you, click here.
  • Change of contact address. If you change your email address and wish to continue to receive announcements, click here.
  • Remove yourself from my mailing list. If you wish to stop receiving announcements via email (or, for that matter, if you have previously asked to be removed from the list and now want to go back on it), click here.

For all other enquiries, please email me:

  • Bug reports. Please report any behaviour that you think is a bug, whether or not you are a registered user.
  • General support questions. Before you send in a question, please check Wave Repair's program help to see if the answer is already there.
  • Enhancement requests. I am always happy to receive suggestions for improvements (many current features in Wave Repair were added after being requested by users), but of course I cannot promise to implement them all.
Windows Vista and later
Vista and subsequent versions of Windows (Win7, Win8, Win10) have caused a number of issues. For more discussion of this, please check out this page.
USB Audio Interfaces
When you plug in an external USB audio interface, it is quite possible that Windows will think it is a microphone, and as a result install it as a mono device. This results in your stereo recordings containing just one of the channels (usually the left), duplicated to both channels of the stereo WAV file.

To fix this issue, within Windows Control Panel select Manage audio devices then bring up the Properties for the USB interface (which will probably be called something like "Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)"). Go to the Recording tab, then the Advanced tab, and change the format to 2-channel CD quality.

Realtek Soundcards
The Realtek range of sound chips is becoming increasingly popular, especially for use as onboard sound on motherboards. The way that some drivers for Realtek soundcards work is different to the traditional methods used by the likes of Soundblasters, etc. This difference means the facility Wave Repair provides that allows for direct selection of the recording input and adjustment of recording level does not work with many Realtek based soundcards. For a more in-depth discussion, take a look at this page.

Wave Repair can still record from these soundcards, but you will have to use the standard Windows Volume Control utility to make adjustments.