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last update: 16th Jan 2020

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MP3 Samples


MP3 Samples

Here are some samples from vinyl LP recordings to demonstrate some of the capabilities of Wave Repair. To save on download time (and my bandwidth allowance!), all these files are encoded as MP3s at 192kbps CBR. (They had previously been encoded as VBR MP3s, but this format turned out to be incompatible with some versions of Apple's Quicktime decoder).

Before looking at what can be done with Wave Repair, it's instructive first to examine the value of cleaning LPs properly before recording them. Here is an extract recorded from an LP that I bought for 50p (about $1) at a record fair: first as it came out of the sleeve, and then after being cleaned with a vacuum record cleaning machine (a Moth Mark II). It demonstrates that a decent clean removes a fair amount of surface noise to start with. Note that I have deliberately chosen an inter-track gap so that the surface noise is at its most audible:

The following extract is another part of the same LP. It includes the very end of one track, the inter-track gap, and the beginning of the following track. The four samples here are intended to show the progress made with each restoration step:

No tonal adjustments have been made in these samples. Whether you might like to use equalisation to add a little sparkle is largely a personal choice, and is dependent on the state of the individual LP.

Finally, here are a few extracts from transfers made from my own LPs (which started out in rather better shape than the one above bought for 50p!). I have chosen tracks which start quietly so that you have a good chance to hear the residual surface noise. They give a general flavour of the sort of results you can achieve when the source LP isn't too badly beaten up. (These extracts are just the beginnings of the tracks):