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last update: 16th Jan 2020

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Wave Repair can record via the soundcard, and as it does so the audio samples are written directly to the hard disk. At the end of the recording, the WAV file header is finalised and the file is immediately available for use by Wave Repair or any other WAV file editor. There is no "save" operation required.

Wave Repair's record level metering is very accurate. As well as a set of "LEDs" like the meters on a cassette deck, it displays the peak level seen so far. It also detects possible clipping and sets up markers at those places so you can easily find and check them.

There is a timer-delayed recording feature.

If the soundcard supports the Windows Mixer API (most mainstream soundcards such as Soundblasters and Turtle Beaches do, while most professional cards such as Echo, DAL and Lynx do not), then Wave Repair's recording screen provides direct selection of the input to be recorded and setting of the record level. This means you can avoid dealing with the rather confusing Windows Volume Control utility.

Example Screen Shots