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last update: 16th Jan 2020

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Automatic Track Detection

If you wish to create a CD from a recording of an LP, you'll probably want to make the songs appear as separate tracks. Depending on the CD writing software you use, this will require that you either write each individual track to a separate WAV file, or prepare a cue sheet. But whichever you need to do, first you will need to find the start of each track within the large WAV file and mark it accordingly.

Wave Repair has a function that will scan for the start of tracks and mark those places with "cue points". It does this by looking for periods that are quieter than a certain level and which last for at least a certain length of time. Both the level of "silence" and the length of the inter-track gap is user adjustable. Note that cue points are always placed at CD block boundaries.

Once the cue points have been established, you can use them to either write the tracks out to individual WAV files or create a cue sheet.

Bear in mind that any automatic track detection mechanism will sometimes fail. The place where a song that segues into the next will be missed; a very quiet moment within a song may be interpreted as a new track. After automatic track detection, the cue points can be manually reviewed and incorrect ones deleted (and missing ones added) where necessary.