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last update: 16th Jan 2020

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If you've already got a copy of Wave Repair and would like to see whether it's worth downloading a later version, here is a history of changes since first release.

Version Size (kb)
4.9.5 (latest release) 3140 download
4.9.0 (last version compatible with Windows 95 OSR2) 1420 download
4.5.1 (last version using old method of controlling soundcards) 857 download
3.9 (last 16 bit version; runs under Windows 3.1/3.11) 421 download
Current User Manual (PDF Format) 373 download

  • Some users have been supplied with pre-release builds of version 4.9.5. The official release of 4.9.5 brings together the various updates that were included in those builds.
  • The large increase in the size of the installation program after version 4.9.0 is almost entirely due to the need to switch the helpfile format from the old HLP standard to a compiled HTML (CHM) file. This was necessary to maintain Windows Vista compatibility. The program itself has not suddenly become much larger!
  • The download files are "normal" installation programs. Just execute the file and follow the on-screen instructions. (The only exception to this is for version 3.9. This download is a ZIP file; to install this version, create a directory where you want to place Wave Repair and unzip the download file into that directory).
  • Note that installation of Wave Repair creates a single EXE file plus its associated help and configuration files, all in a single installation directory. It does not install any DLLs, ActiveXs, and so on; nor does it update any system configuration files.
  • The installation program no longer includes the user manual. The manual is now provided as separate download.