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last update: 16th Jan 2020

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Contacting the Author

Some enquiries can now be processed online at the Support Page, where they will be dealt with immediately. So, if you have lost your unlock key, want to register a change of email address, or wish to be removed from my mailing list, please click the appropriate link.

Otherwise, I am happy to receive enquiries by email. Since it is possible that I may need to change my email address, you should always check here to make sure you have the correct address before sending me any email.

  • My current email address is clive@delback.co.uk.
  • I prefer to receive email in plain text format.
  • Please make sure that your email has a subject line that makes it clear it is a Wave Repair enquiry.
  • The amount of spam I have been receiving has become so unmanageable that I have now activated Spam Assassin at my email host, and any email that looks like spam will be automatically deleted without ever being delivered to me. Sticking to plain text and making sure there is a valid subject line and from address is the best way to ensure your email gets through.
  • Recently, spam has acquired the habit of providing no subject line at all, and a lot of it does get through Spam Assassin undetected. Up to now, I have taken the trouble to check it, but since it has been virtually 100% spam, I have now decided to delete subjectless emails without reading them. So if you send me an email without a subject, it won't be read and you won't get a reply. I'm sorry to have to do this, but I simply don't have the time to check every subjectless email on the vanishingly remote chance that it isn't spam.